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A skills-based prevention program that imparts a modern understanding of
mental health and wellbeing.

Strive supports children to develop the emotional skills that will determine their future success.

The facts surrounding children and young people’s mental health are startling. One in six school-aged children has a mental health problem (1). There is also a clear disparity in those most greatly affected. By the age of 11, children from the poorest 20% of households appear four times as likely to have a serious mental health issue, as those from the wealthiest 20% (2).

What’s more, there is an average ten-year delay between young people displaying first symptoms and receiving support (3).

For parents, carers and anyone concerned with fostering a healthy and resilient society, the demand for preventative guidance and education is clear. To this end, Strive is dedicated to offering children systematic and effective instruction in the critical requisite skills they need for robust mental and emotional health. Informed by extensive classroom teaching and therapeutic work, Strive sets out to:

  • teach children how to cope successfully with challenging situations
  • help children develop into emotionally competent and hardy adults

It’s a huge undertaking, and a task that will likely continue to grow.  Strive is committed to playing a role in this vital process.

1) HNS Digital, 2020; 2) Morrison Gutman et al., 2015; 3) Centre for Mental Health


Our Curriculum

Strive offers a preventative, skills-based curriculum that imparts a modern understanding of mental health and wellbeing. Applying creative teaching and practical learning opportunities, age appropriate skills and competencies are combined to cover five key areas (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making). Learning include:

• Applying clear, factual thinking
• Understanding and regulating emotions
• Reducing worry and taking control
• Performing under pressure
• Managing anger and frustration
• Raising self-esteem
• Dealing with adversity
• Using and developing personal strengths
• Accepting responsibility and credit for actions
• Supporting oneself in challenging situations; and
• Solving people problems from beginning to end

Our Purpose

In our modern environment, the rapid pace of hi-tech change and increase in material wealth which this development may promise, has raised everybody’s expectations of access and success. At the same time, rising job insecurity, increasing stresses upon family life, and the breaking down of traditional communities constitute new barriers and challenges with which we must all contend.

Against this social background, children aged 8-12 years old also experience a host of unique transitions during this time (a critical period) of development. Academic demands intensify, alongside heightened expectations for independence and self-organisation. Social relationships become more complex, emotional experiences may feel confusing, and young people become increasingly informed about issues of which they may have been previously unaware, or only partially aware. In addition, potential stressors associated with home life, peer acceptance and rejection; expectations at school and in their community gain increasing weight and relevance.

Teaching children to manage and deal successfully with these changes represents the heart of Strive’s purpose and intention – equipping children with the necessary social and emotional tools to face the future.

Hello! I’m Dominic

Qualified Teacher and Counsellor

The Strive program is written and led by Dominic Decker. A British-qualified teacher and therapist, Dominic has been working with adults and young people since 2001. He spent his twenties working with homelessness, probation, mental-health assisted living and substance harm reduction, later moving to Liverpool in order to complete a 4-year BA (Hons) in Primary Education. During this time, he also worked for the BIG Life Group, tasked with supporting families affected by social breakdown.

Following a move back to London, he undertook several class-based roles as a primary teacher and Interventions Manager before managing a successful grant-funded charity project for SHINE (Support and Help in Education) – an initiative tasked with improving the social and educational outlook for disadvantaged children. 

As a father and husband, Dominic is also a keen guitarist and music producer.

He is a registered member of the UK-based Human Givens Institute for psychotherapists (accredited by the Professional Standards Authority).

To find out more about Dominic and his work, please click here >>

How to get enrolled?


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Introductory course – Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th March 2020.

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"Dominic is a teacher of great energy and integrity who is genuinely interested in the world of the child."

AD – London Headteacher

"Dom has excellent skills in designing a rich and varied curriculum for children, ensuring that each child’s talents and skills can be built upon through a safe and supportive environment"

SHINE (Support and Help In Education Charity)

"Dominic is an amazing professional. In a few sessions he was able to help me a lot. He’s really easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable right from the beginning. I highly recommend Dominic’s work."

JZ – counselling client

" Dom is an excellent practitioner. He provided high quality teaching, which resulted in children making outstanding progress."

LG – London headteacher

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where does Strive take place?

Strive  takes place at: Praxis für Körper & Seele, Schliemannstrasse 41, 10437. The course takes place between 10:30 and 15.30pm for two consecutive days. 

How much does the program cost?

A standard participant fee is €135. When possible, Strive endeavours to offer reduced-rate places dependent upon need and demand. Please get in touch to find out more. 


How is the workshop structured?

 As a skills-based curriculum, Strive  integrates a range of teaching and learning approaches. These combine teacher-led, group based and independent activities. Focussed upon developing competent models of interpersonal behaviour, the workshop provides ample opportunities for students to nurture speaking and listening-related competencies. 

How is Strive different from normal school?

The Strive program’s primary aim is to provide outstanding mental-health and interpersonal life-skills education to young people. Whilst mainstream schooling acknowledges these crucial areas of learning, busy school timetables often lack the requisite capacity and expertise necessary to provide meaningful, comprehensive coverage. In addition, the Strive program offers a maximum of ten  places in order to ensure each student  receives in-depth and personalised teacher support. Employing mixed age learning, students also have an opportunity to learn independently from standard age-related parameters.

Is Strive a suitable, or necessary program for my child?

Designed as both a prevention and early intervention resilience program, Strive introduces a variety of skills and tools necessary for coping and managing with the problems, challenges (and successes) that life might present. Whilst each child has different needs, the opportunity to become familiar with essential competencies in a safe and supportive learning environment will benefit all participants.  

How is student progress assessed?

Continuous, informal student assessment takes place throughout the weekend workshop. In addition, students undertake a formative (introductory) and summative (final) assessment in order to ascertain and track their progress and understanding. 

Can I gain feedback on my child’s progress?

Yes, communication with parents is actively encouraged. If you would like to receive feedback specific to your child’s personal circumstances, please let me know.

Can my child attend for just one day?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.  It’s important that children are able to commit to the full program in order to meet the intended outcomes. 

What if my child misses the workshop - can I be refunded?

Unfortunately, the limited number of student places means Strive is non-refundable. However, in the event of early cancellation, every effort will be made to reallocate a student to a later course with no extra cost.

What if my child has an issue with something else?

Student-voice is actively encouraged. In fact, this helps to ensure that the program remains accessible, relevant and responsive to students’ needs. If your child has a concern about anything, please let me know and we will work together to resolve any issue as quickly as possible.

What if I’m not sure of something?

No question is too small. If you have any questions, please speak with me directly. For anything that might require additional time, please make contact via the website contact form and we will then schedule a convenient time to talk.

Does the program compliment school learning?

Yes, absolutely. As an experienced primary school teacher and school leader, I am well acquainted with students’ age-related expectations. In addition, I am experienced with supporting young people through a range of stages e.g. primary to secondary transition. Please let me know if there is any issue for which you’d like additional guidance or support – I’d be happy to help.

How can I find out more?

In the first instance, please use the website’s contact to get in touch. You can expect to receive a prompt response (usually within 24 hours). Alternatively, you can phone me directly. If I’m not able to respond, please leave a message and I’ll get back to you at the first available opportunity.

My child would like to join - what should I do?

Fantastic – this represents a valuable learning opportunity for your child. In which case, please contact me via the contact form and I will get in touch with the next steps shortly.

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